Saturday, January 10, 2009

Not on Internet Time

I'm a long-time computer buff (we've got six at our house, equally divided between Macs and PCs, and at one time I'd put together all our PCs). But I've got a love-hate relationship with technology, something I'll probably rant about from time to time here.

I confess part of my opposition to the notion of Internet Time comes from having heard too many snotty editors half my age say, "Gee, this is really well written, but we're on Internet Time. Nobody cares any more."

And, of course, IT's the logical result of our American fascination with speed and efficiency. The problem, of course, is that it leaves no time for digestion or reflection.

A friend once told me she'd never imagined how hard she'd have to work to keep her blog known. I'm not willing to work that hard. So these postings will wind up as Leah Hager Cohen described hers on her blog: "[L]ittle paper boats [that} float off, beyond my control, perhaps to capsize or disintegrate."

Or the way it was when I dj'd on the AM carrier-current station in college. You could only hear it in the dorms and, since nearly everyone had a stereo, I never knew whether there was anyone listening or if I was just talking to myself.

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owen said...

instant gratification is the wave of the future. video killed the article