Friday, February 20, 2009

Great Sports Story!

Seems there was this kid who tried out for Chantilly, Va., High School basketball team four years running, but was cut each time. But he's been team manager the past two years, and dedicated enough to help with off-season workouts.

A while back, the coach put it to the team: Given senior Rafik Shoorbajee's commitment, what if Shoorbajee were allowed to suit up and play as first man off the bench Senior Night?

The team said yes, and senior Shoorbajee played in his first--and last--high school game a week ago.

If I read The Post's account correctly, he had four points and one rebound.

And a great story to tell his kids and grandkids.

This is what sports should be, and all too often isn't. The stories are different, but it reminded me of the one about the girls softball team whose members chose to help an opponent around the bases when she injured herself after hitting a home run--even though they knew it meant they'd lose the game.

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